Saturday, November 27, 2010


Help me get the following deleted: she is linked to &

so please send HATE COMMENTS to the formspring.
send HATE MAIL & REPORT her myspace.
& REPORT her facebook profile!

thank you! xoxo

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Hi loves,

i'm andi. i'm unique. i am not what most people expect me to be. i appreciate intelligence, the dumb blonde stereotype does not apply here. i don't trust many people. once you break my trust, it's almost impossible to regain. i give everyone a chance to be nice. i'm not as big of a bitch as people like to pretend i am, but i will always stand up for myself or something i feel strongly about. i automatically gravitate towards anything pink or sparkly. i like being naked, i'm most comfortable that way. i'm a big fan of chocolate & shoes. i can't stand bad spellers or shitty drivers. i have big dreams for my life, i know i'm capable of pretty much anything. ;] get to know me, you might be surprised at what you find! Oh and i'm addicted to twitter.. so with that being said follow me! ♥